Upcoming Tier 5 Release, Season 1 Ending, Free Racial Change, and Level 70 Boost
In today's news post, we're thrilled to unveil the upcoming Tier 5 release, the conclusion of Season 1, a free racial change for level 70 characters, and a Level 70 Boost.
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Sunfury Release Trailer and FAQ
Get ready for the release of Sunfury on Friday, 20th October at 14:00 CEST with our new trailer! With the release around the corner, we're also using this opportunity to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.
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Development update: Launcher & Transmog

Today's update brings a major feature to the Launcher and introduces Transmogrification UI to the game.

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Sunfury — a modern TBC experience

We're pleased to reveal the details about our upcoming TBC realm, Sunfury! Discover all the specifics below, and stay tuned for a future post addressing your questions and providing further clarification in a FAQ as we approach the release.

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Factions begone!

Faction balance is a recurring topic whenever a new realm is announced and we feel it's the right time to outline what we have planned for our upcoming TBC realm.

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Open Beta - First Day Recap

Our Open Beta's first day is officially in the books! Let's do a quick recap of the day.

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Open Beta

We're happy to announce that we're ready for the first phase of public testing for our upcoming TBC realm!

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Development Update: New Client Details

In our last news post, we mentioned we’re working on a fresh TBC realm running on a modified 3.3.5a client.

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Fresh TBC on the horizon!

We’re excited to announce that a fresh TBC realm from Endless is in the works!

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BT, Hyjal, S3 release dates, and more!

We're excited to announce the upcoming content release — Black Temple, The Battle for Mount Hyjal and Arena Season 3 are just around the corner!

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Answering your questions

With the launch in under twenty four hours we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions. We've also developed a launcher to make setting up easier for new and returning players!

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Sunwell and the future

This week begins the final content release cycle on Sunstrider!
The last three bosses of the Sunwell Plateau will be released on Sunday 31/01/2021 18:00 server time.

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Isle of Quel'Danas and Season 4

Tempest Keep was merely a setback! The Sunwell has been reactivated by Kael'thas and is being used as a mystic portal to summon Kil'jaeden. Join the ranks of the Shattered Sun Offensive and retake the island from Kael'thas' legions.

The Isle of Quel'Danas quest hub along with the Magisters' Terrace dungeon and Arena Season 4 will be released on 22/11/2020.

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Patch 2.3

From deep inside Ghostlands a new enemy threatens Azeroth!
Rush over to Zul'Aman with your friends on the 8th of October (17:00 server time) to thwart Zul'jin's plans.
Even the toughest adventurers may fall victim to the might of the Amani trolls.
Save the prisoners before they're helplessly sacrificed and obtain powerful rewards!
Help Budd's crew get out of their predicament and perhaps you will find yourself owning a new exotic mount.

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BT, Hyjal, S3 release dates and catch up features

We're excited to announce the third big content release — Black Temple, The Battle for Mount Hyjal and Arena Season 3 are just around the corner!

Upcoming content will be released over a three week period, starting with Battle for Mount Hyjal 31.07 (17:00 server time), Season 3 on 08.08 (00:00 server time) and The Black Temple on 23.08 (16:00 server time).

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Upcoming content release, catch up and Instant 70

We'd like to announce our plans for upcoming content release.

As mentioned in the video, the closest release are the quest hubs alongside daily cooking, fishing, heroic and normal dungeon quests.

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Rollback #2, arena tournament, XP boost and more!

We're happy to share another compilation of events that happened on the server. We'd like to thank those who submitted clips and hope you'll enjoy it!

Starting today we're going to be offering an experience boost service. You'll be able to jump right into the action even faster with an x8 experience increase.

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T5, S2 and the upcoming arena tournament

With the release of T5 content we've received some questions and what better time to answer those than right before release!

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T5 and S2 release

We're happy to announce release dates for the upcoming content. T5 Raids will be released 24th of April (Friday) at 18:00 server time.

Season 1 will end on 17th of May (Sunday) at 00:00 server time. Following a quick maintenance, Season 2 will begin at 02:00 AM server time. You'll be able to find out more information about content release and arena rewards below.

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Rollback and Faction Change

We're happy to announce a compilation series - "Rollback".
Rollback is a monthly compilation of clips highlighting events that occurred on Endless. Enjoy!

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Tipping the scales

We promised you an update on faction balance and here we are!
We've been following the situation closely and we believe it's time to step in.

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One last thing...

With the launch around the corner we've received some questions and this is a good opportunity to address them.

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Ready, aim, fire!

Are you ready for launch?

There are still a few things left to do but we're almost there! In the meantime, get in the mood with our latest video giving you a taste of things to come.

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Stress test

With the launch just around the corner now is a great opportunity to resolve any potential performance issues. But for that we're going to need your help!

We'd like to ask you to assist us in a stress test this weekend on Sunday (16.02) 18:00 GMT+1 (9:00 PST, 12:00 EST).

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A closer look at PvE

Happy new year!

In this video we take a closer look at PvE content and outline our reasoning and philosophy when buffing content. We also touch on itemization and identify probable issues that may arise and how we plan on tackling those.

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Trailer and release date

Check out our latest video in which you will find more information about the project and its features. We're also happy to announce the server will be released in February 2020!

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Endless Nights

We're pleased to announce Endless Nights — a series of events cycling through every week of the Open Beta.

The Open Beta itself starts Friday 16th August and the first Endless Night will occur on Monday 19th August (19:00 UTC +2), giving you some time to gear up and get adjusted.

The events will consist of both PvE and PvP components and will provide a great opportunity for players to test the waters, find potential issues, make new friends and win some cool rewards!

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Development update: The Armory

We think it's essential to be able follow the game at all times, which is why we decided to develop a full-fledged armory. We've captured screenshots of some of the pages currently being worked on.

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