Rollback and Faction Change

We're happy to announce a compilation series - "Rollback".
Rollback is a monthly compilation of clips highlighting events that occurred on Endless. Enjoy!

Thank you for the clips, we appreciate it! (Clips are shown in no particular order, solely depending on the editor's cat's mood that day).

We're also going to be opening free Alliance to Horde transfers for 1000 level 70 players tomorrow (28.03.2020) at 20:00 server time.
In order to prepare your character to change from Alliance to Horde you will need to:

  • Create a Horde character with the race and appearance you want.
  • Leave your arena team(s) and your guild.
  • Hand in any quests that are currently in progress as all of your active quests will be abandoned.

Please be aware that any racial reputation or profession bonuses will be lost, such as Engineering Specialization or Draenei Aldor reputation bonuses.