T5, S2 and the upcoming arena tournament

With the release of T5 content we've received some questions and what better time to answer those than right before release!

Will items such as T5 Belts, Boots or Pattern: Cloak of Darkness patterns be available with T5?

Yes, those will be available with T5 release.

I've gotten pretty confused with arena points not being reset and then changed to being reset, which way is it going to be?

Arena points will reset when season 2 starts. You'll keep honor points (up to the regular 75k cap).

Are level 70 Darkmoon Cards going to be released with T5?

Yes. Each creature that has a chance to drop a card will be able to drop any of the cards. Aces will be reserved to heroic end bosses as usual.

I've heard rumours about an arena tournament, is that in the works?

Yes, we're working on hosting a 3v3 arena tournament. We'll release more details about the date, how to sign up, the format and prize pool in a follow up announcement soon.

We hope that this answers some of your questions, if we've missed anything please don't hesitate to let us know!