Development update: Launcher & Transmog

Today's update brings a major feature to the Launcher and introduces Transmogrification UI to the game.


The Launcher is receiving some major updates today. The biggest one being the long awaited AddOn Manager!

The AddOns tab in the launcher has two main goals: to simplify the process of managing your addons (installing, updating or removing them), and to maintain a list of reliable AddOns that are compatible with our realms. The current list only features a few AddOns and will be expanded over time.

All AddOns available through the launcher can also be found at, which is also where you can contribute through pull requests, or request new addons to be listed. We'd also like to use this opportunity to thank community members Distorted39, Macumba, Sattva and others who have undertaken the process of backporting and adapting AddOns for our realms.

The launcher is moving out of beta as we approach release, and we feel pretty comfortable with the current functionality. If you already have a beta version installed, you will be guided through the upgrade process on the next launcher restart.

The new launcher versions start at 1.3.x, you can find your current version by right clicking the tray icon.

Browse AddOns


Following our announcement that Transmogrification will be a feature on the new realm, we're introducing a Transmogrification UI to the game allowing you to easily preview and alter your character's appearance wherever you are.

As previously mentioned, you only obtain an item appearance after equipping the item. Transmogrifying items of different types, for example Maces and Swords or Plate and Cloth, will not be possible.

We have some exciting plans regarding Transmogrification and we hope to expand this system in the future. Our Transmogrification UI implementation is based on ezCollections and is fully integrated into our new client.