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Alternative installation
  • Condensed 3.3.5a Client (~11.6GB): Download
    The files contained are the still the original ones. This client is suitable to play on any 3.3.5a server.
  • Client patches: Download

Download the 3.3.5a client and apply our client patches following the instructions in the README inside the patches archive.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use an existing 2.4.3 client?

No. To play on our realms you'll need a 3.3.5a client with additional patches.

Can I use an existing 3.3.5a client?

Yes. To do so, simply install the launcher and proceed to click on the 'Locate the game' button. Then, select the folder where your 3.3.5a client is located.

Keep in mind our patches will also convert the client to an Endless-only client, so making a backup is advised.

Can I play on your server without the launcher?

Yes, but it's not advisable. You can install our client patches manually by downloading the latest release here and following the instructions in the README inside.

Which AddOn versions should I use on your server?

Only 3.3.5a AddOns are usable on our realms going forward. You'll also be able to install common AddOns through the launcher in a future release.