Open Beta

We're happy to announce that we're ready for the first phase of public testing for our upcoming TBC realm!

Open Beta

The open Beta will begin on the 31st of July 2023 at 15:00 CET.
In the first phase, we're primarily interested in baseline TBC functionality on our new client.
As mentioned in the video, we're also interested in testing many of the native 3.3.5 features such as Dungeon Finder which we're planning to use on the new realm for both Vanilla and TBC content.
Transitioning to the new client gave us the opportunity to move away from some older systems, such as Hunter's Beast Training.
This has been replaced with the pet talent tree. The desired outcome of this change is to maintain consistency in acquiring skills and talents, mirroring the Beast Training system in its outcome.
We're all ears for any inconsistencies you may find in the results between our new system and Beast Training.

How to participate

Participating in the Beta requires downloading our launcher and having an Endless account.
You can get everything set up on the Get Started page!
The launcher will download a condensed 3.3.5a client for you and apply our client patches.
Any future updates to the game client will also be delivered through the launcher, so if you're having trouble connecting make sure your game is up to date first by starting the launcher which will check for available updates and download them for you.
We're looking to extend the functionality of the launcher in the future with features like an AddOn section coming at a later point.
Please don't hesitate to reach out with any issues you may encounter with the launcher through Discord or email at [email protected].

Test realm

While on the test realm, you'll be able to select a pre-made gear template by talking to the Camp Manager.
You'll also be able to select different templates later if you choose to do so.
The Endless Testing Area has vendors with template gear available, providing options for mixing and matching different gear pieces.
You'll also be able to find training dummies scattered around the area giving an opportunity to test spells and talents.
The whole area is a duel area, meaning your cooldowns and health will be restored when a duel ends.
Please post any issues you might find on the bugtracker.

Closing words

We'll provide more details about the upcoming TBC realm in the future as we don't want to commit to too many specifics for now and prefer to stay flexible.
We're leaning strongly towards an experience rate of x5 or higher for the upcoming realm.
Outside of the features we've already mentioned we're particularly interested in feedback on our 3v3 arena solo queue implementation and triple spec.
We're open to running the beta in different phases with different gear sets later once we're confident the baseline functionality works as expected.
See you on the test realm!