Open Beta - First Day Recap

Our Open Beta's first day is officially in the books! Let's do a quick recap of the day.

First day of Beta

Firstly, we'd like to thank everyone participating for the amazing turnout on the first day of our Beta!
Thanks to your help we were able to get a lot of valuable information on our core's performance and some internal issues we were facing.
After resolving the initial issues we've observed no issues with up-time and performance of the realm.
Moving forward, we will shift our focus to addressing the issues you've reported through our bug tracker and prioritizing the completion of the Dungeon Finder implementation.
You can follow the progress we've made during the first day in our changelog.
Overall, we're very pleased with the initial results and feedback considering the amount of changes the core has undergone in the past months.


We've been actively working on resolving the issues some of our players were experiencing with getting into the game.
We've updated the Get Started page with an alternative way of downloading the client and patches and we've included an FAQ.
The Launcher will also receive an overhaul soon and we'll have to ask you to install a newer version and move your World of Warcraft installation elsewhere if it was in the default installation directory.
We're hoping that this rework addresses the issues some of you were experiencing.
Please let us know of any issues you might experience with the new launcher setup.


We realize that as of now many of the default 3.3.5a AddOns are not exactly suited to the game version we're running.
We're monitoring the situation and we've observed that many players are quickly adapting the existing 3.3.5a AddOns to their needs.
We expect the situation will improve over time and we're willing to adapt some of the more complicated AddOns ourselves in the future.
As we've already mentioned, the launcher will also have the capability of installing adapted AddOns in the future.