Friday, 3 April 2020
  • Fixed issues related to pooled nodes such as herbs or ores.
  • Fixed players being able to run through closed doors after a relog.
  • Various fixes to Halaa.
  • Fixed many addon messages being broken, preventing some addons like Omen to work correctly.
  • Fixed block value being calculated pre-armor instead of post-armor (visible at damage values lower than the block value).
  • Fixed many "Increased chance to be resisted when used against targets over level ..." item spells, like .
  • Removed some wrong gossip options for tabard vendors.
  • Fixed (and other spells) still interrupting the target even when reaching DR immune level.
  • Made creature follow movement a little more smooth visually.
  • Fixed instances resetting incorrectly in some cases leaving group members in different IDs of the same instance.
  • Fixed and other effects modifying detection range effects not working
  • Fixed bought out auction house items sometimes not being removed from the list resulting in an "Internal auction error" and raised blood pressure.
  • Implemented reputation spill over for Aldor and Scryer quests correcting a lot of inconsistent reputation quest rewards.
  • Fixed a data race related to pools.
  • Fixed pet stay command not stopping the pet anymore while it's doing a follow movement.
  • Set all profession recipes to not have a restock timer at their respective vendors.
  • Fixed the set bonus for .
  • Fixed a few duplicate quest issues related to faction change preventing some items to be transferred.
  • Fixed some scroll ranks incorrectly stacking.
  • Warlock
    • Fixed buffs not cleared on talent reset.
    • Updated spell coefficient.
    • Fixed wrongly increasing some other spells' damage.
    • Fixed persisting through spec changes via Dual Spec.
    • Fixed Druids being able to pick herbs while in and in the air - Druids will still be able to pick herbs if they're on the ground while shapeshifted.
    • Fixed pets gaining double focus regeneration in some cases (from ).
    • Fixed missing the damage penalty part of the talent.
    • Fixed .
    • Fixed not being able to in trade window.
    Instances and Raids
    • Fixed issues with Blackrock Depths arena event.
    • Fixed issues with refusing to open his door after the encounter.
    • Fixed players being able to create more than 5 instances per hour.
    • Fixed one case of Thrall being stuck after defeating Skarloc.
    • Fixed Auchenai Crypts exit teleport trigger orientation.
    • Fixed last boss reset issues in the Arcatraz.
    • Fixed not dropping in some cases.
    • Fixed 's charge issues.
    • Fixed chest respawn timers in Upper Blackrock Spire.
    • Fixed BRD's Tomb of the Seven event.
    • Removed on kill reputation from .
    • Fixed Razorfen Kraul exit teleport location.
    • Fixed immunities for heroic .
    • Fixed reset issues related to Shattered Halls fire gauntlet summons.
    World and Quests
    • Fixed and 's loot table.
    • Fixed having very high armor for no reason.
    • Fixed and not using correct .
    • Added more spawn points and pooling for and .
    • Fixed cost of .
    • Fixed not resetting correctly ().
    • Fixed .
    • Fixed the drop rate of .
    • Fixed 's path and spawn point.
    • Fixed 's summon not casting its correct spells.

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