Monday, 18 March 2024
  • Added support for "Cast action keybinds on key down" (found in Interface->Endless).
  • Added some helper commands for accessing the Transmogrification UI such as /collections, /transmog and /tmog.
  • Fixed some issues with spells like losing their damage over time component if a new cast is canceled while the previous effect was still ongoing.
  • Fixed some issues with resource nodes (ores & herbs) being despawned too quickly when not collected for some time.
  • Implemented support for some compiler optimization techniques.
  • Added server and client support for queueing spells while on GCD from previous spell casts, as well as cancelling the queued spell cast with /cancelqueuedspell (or just /cqs).
  • Added an option to modify the spell queue window which can be found in Interface->Endless.
  • Fixed incorrectly always applying the poison instead of having a chance.
  • Readded Glyph support and implemented support for altering the appearence of spells and abilities through Glyphs (not available yet).
  • Added an interface panel to allow players to queue for Arena games from anywhere (found in the PvP panel next to Battlegrounds).
  • Fixed always being resisted when proccing.
  • Implemented sending client patches in-game allowing players with a baseline 3.3.5a client to connect and patch their game.
  • Updated the Endless client versioning system.
  • The game client will now return to default 3.3.5a client behavior if the realmlist is not set to
  • Transmog will now allow to transmog to an upper armor class, e.g. a Shaman can now transmog Cloth armor into Mail armor.
  • Added Arena S1 mount and title rewards.
  • Added T5 raid content titles and mount rewards for realm first kills.
  • Small refactor and cleanup of Dungeon Finder matchmaking logic.
  • Dungeon Finder will now no longer match you with players you've ignored.
  • Fixed Dungeon Finder not allowing a player to queue when they have a non permanent heroic dungeon-bind.
  • Fixed player instance binds being reset wrongly in some cases where they are the group leader.
  • Fixed Dungeon Finder 15 minute kick cooldown being disregarded in some cases.
  • Fixed Dungeon Finder cooldown notification message.
  • Fixed Dungeon Finder queue proposal accepting auto triggering a failure of said proposal in some cases.
  • Some back-end refactors around instance saves and instance map creation.
  • Fix not being able to kick offline players in Dungeon Finder if there are no more kicks remaining.
    • Fixed /stopcasting not stopping the subsequent after a is canceled.
    • Fixed making the pet incorrectly come back to the owner first before allowing control.
Dungeons and Raids
  • Fixed incorrect spells being used in 's script.
  • Molten Core script rewrite.
  • Added missing 5 minute duration timer to and changed its drop chance to 100%.
  • will no longer pull the previous room when engaged.
World and Quests
  • Deleted some incorrect spawned objects in Shattrath.
  • Added missing RP for during .
  • Added missing script and texts for during .
  • Fixed sometimes appearing as "Unknown".
  • Fixed not being able to hand in .
  • Scripted event.
  • Rewrite of event fixing some edge cases.
  • Fixed not moving to the front of the altar during event.