Sunfury Release Trailer and FAQ

Get ready for the release of Sunfury on Friday, 20th October at 14:00 CEST with our new trailer! With the release around the corner, we're also using this opportunity to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.


Does the auto-learn feature include spells such as Warlock pet spells, Poison recipes, and other class-related abilities?

Yes, all class-related spells, skills, and abilities will be learned through auto-learn.

How do I adjust my experience rate?

You can adjust your experience rate by clicking on your experience bar in-game.

Will Dungeon Finder require heroic keys to access heroic dungeons?

Yes, heroic keys, quest chains, and necessary skills (such as Expert Riding for Tempest Keep dungeons) will be required when queueing for dungeons via RDF.

Will there be seasonal events on launch (Halloween, Brewfest)?

No, seasonal events will not be active on launch, we might run them at a later point.

Which AddOns versions should I use and where can I find them?

Only 3.3.5a AddOns will work on Sunfury. You can find many compatible AddOns in the Launcher's AddOns tab. The list of available AddOns will grow over time.

Will the Swift Flight Form quest chain be available on release?


Will reputation rates be increased?

No, reputation rates will not be increased, but Heroic keys and reputation PvP sets will be available at Honored reputation.

Features and Services

How do I learn dual-spec?

Each character will learn dual spec for free when they reach level 40. You can then switch specs in your talents tab.

How do I learn triple-spec?

Triple-spec is a paid service available in the Store. After activating it you can find your third specialization and a free talent reset button in your talents tab.

How do I collect appearances for Transmogrification?

Appearances are collected whenever an item is equipped or if you purchase an appearance directly from the Store. All appearances are account-wide and available for all of your characters on that account forever.

Will services like XP boost, or instant-70 be available on launch?

No, those services will become available on Sunfury at a later point in the future.

How can I change my racial?

You can change your racial when creating your character in the character creation screen. You can change it later using any character customization service available in the Store.


What's the raid reset day?

All raids will reset on Wednesday 6:00 AM server time.

With two Karazhan resets a week, when does it reset?

Karazhan will reset on Wednesday at 6:00 AM server time and on Sunday 6:00 AM server time.

Will attunements be necessary to access raids?

Yes, all attunement quest chains will be necessary to complete in order to access Karazhan, SSC, TK, and later raids. Attunements will be removed as future content is released.

What does increased boss loot mean?

Bosses dropping tier tokens will drop three tokens.

Are items like Deathblow X11 Goggles or Design: Great Dawnstone and Design: Chaotic Skyfire Diamond going to be available on release in their final form?

Yes, that and other 2.1 patch restricted items are going to be available on release. Blacksmithing weapons will also take the "one-hand" slot.

Which state are Leatherworking Drums in?

All Leatherworking Drums are in their 2.4.3 state. Drums will require Leatherworking to use.

What does increased content difficulty mean?

PvE Content on Sunfury will be more challenging than on Classic. We choose not to detail the exact changes because we believe discovering and adapting to them is part of the fun. The general philosophy behind content buffs on Sunfury is to emphasize boss mechanics and make trash packs less of a focal point compared to our previous realms.

Will Heroic dungeon keys be kept at their release reputation requirement (Revered)?

Heroic dungeon keys will be available at Honored reputation.

Which Vanilla raids will be available on release?

The only Vanilla raid available on release will be Naxxramas. Zul'Gurub will be added shortly after and the rest of the raids in the following weeks.


When will the Arena Season start?

The Arena Season will start one week after launch (Friday 27th October). Solo Queue will also become available then. Battlegrounds will be open since launch.

Will Solo Queue make me eligible for end of season rewards or buying rating restricted gear?

No, Solo Queue is only meant as an additional way of earning honor, arena points, and if there's enough activity, cosmetic rewards. We'll provide details with the Arena Season launch.

Is Arena cross-faction as well?

Yes, but your racial skills might be temporarily adjusted for the duration of the arena game if your teammates and your racials don't match the same faction.

Can we buy reputation PvP sets on release (S0)?

Yes, S0 reputation PvP sets will be available for purchase from their respective vendors at Honored reputation.

How do racial adjustments work in Arena?

If your teammate has a racial of an opposing faction and is a class higher on a priority list, your racial will be temporarily changed to match theirs for that game. The priority list for classes is as follows: 1. Rogue, 2. Warrior, 3. Warlock, 4. Hunter, 5. Paladin, 6. Priest, 7. Mage, 8. Druid, 9. Shaman.

Your class being closer to the top of the list means it takes priority in dictating your team's faction when it comes to racial abilities for that match. Your racial will not be adjusted when queueing for Solo Queue.

The adjusted racials look like this:

Class Alliance Racial Horde Racial
Warrior Gnome Orc
Paladin Dwarf Blood Elf
Hunter Dwarf Orc
Rogue Human Undead
Priest Dwarf Undead
Shaman Draenei Orc
Mage Gnome Undead
Warlock Gnome Orc
Druid Night Elf Tauren

This means that, for example, if you're a Druid queueing with a Rogue and they have an Undead racial your racial will be adjusted to a Horde racial for that match.

Will Epic PvP trinkets be available on release (e.g. Medallion of the Alliance)?

Yes, they'll be available at a reduced price, approximately 10.000 Honor points.

Will Battlemaster trinkets be available on release?

Yes, they'll be available but with a reduced item level (from 133 to 123) reducing their passive bonuses. The on-use effect will remain unchanged.

Will items such as Nigh Invulnerability Belt and Skull of Impending Doom or Hyper-Vision Goggles be usable in arena?

No, these items and other on-use Engineering items will not be usable in Arena.

What are the DR and Combat timers in PvP?

Both timers are static, DR timer is 18s, Combat timer is 6.1s.

Are all hitboxes in PvP normalized?

Yes, all hitboxes are the size of an Undead male character.

If you feel we’ve not answered an important question feel free to contact us and we’ll add the answer here.