Stress test

With the launch just around the corner now is a great opportunity to resolve any potential performance issues. But for that we're going to need your help!

We'd like to ask you to assist us in a stress test this weekend on Sunday (16.02) 18:00 GMT+1 (9:00 PST, 12:00 EST).

It is crucial that as many players as possible show up for the quality of information that we get, so please consider joining us! All that we'll need you to do is log on the PTR at the designated hour and play in the described below manner.

The stress test will happen in two phases:

  • Leisure phase: We'll ask you to play as you normally would on launch — create a Level 1 character and start interacting with players, killing monsters, completing quests.
  • Stress phase: You'll be asked to log an Alliance character and start in front of Orgrimmar to start an assault on it! You'll be given a lvl 58 character for this purpose.

In total we expect the stress test to take up to two hours.
Note: Currently existing PTR characters will be temporarily unavailable and restored after the stress test.