Answering your questions

With the launch in under twenty four hours we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions. We've also developed a launcher to make setting up easier for new and returning players!

The Endless Launcher will allow you to easily download and install the game. Its functionality is going to be expanded over time as we update it and we’re eagerly awaiting your feedback and suggestions on features you'd like to see.

Over the last week we've received a lot of questions, we've answered the most recurring ones below.

Will attunements be necessary to access raids?

Yes, all attunement quest chains will be necessary to complete in order to access Karazhan, SSC, TK, and later raids. T4 and T5 attunements will be removed when T6 content is released.

Are there any faction balance changes implemented for Windrunner?

Yes! You can read more about them here.

Are profession cooldowns such as Shadowcloth, Spellcloth, Mooncloth, and Transmutes going to be reduced on Windrunner?

Yes, Transmute: Primal Might cooldown will be reduced to 12 hours (down from 20 hours) and cloth specialization crafting will be reduced to 24 hours (down from 4 days).

Will Heroic dungeon keys be kept at their release reputation requirement (Revered)?

Heroic dungeon keys will be available at Honored reputation.

What does increased boss loot mean?

Raid bosses will follow the final patch loot rules. Bosses dropping tier tokens will drop three tokens and bosses who don't drop tokens will drop extra items.

Are items like 'Deathblow X11 Goggles' or 'Design: Great Dawnstone' going to be available on release in their final form?

Yes, that and other 2.1 patch restricted items are going to be available on release. Blacksmithing weapons will also take the "one-hand" slot.

Does the auto-learn feature include spells such as Hunter and Warlock pet spells, Poison recipes, and other class-related abilities?

Yes, all class-related spells, skills, and abilities will be learned through auto-learn.

When will the Arena Season start? Since Season 1 gear is available for Honor are Season 1 weapons included?

The Arena Season will start one week after launch, with T5 release. Yes, Season 1 weapons will be available for honor as well.

Will services like XP boost, instant-70, or faction change be available on launch?

No, those services will become available on Windrunner at a later point in the future.

If you feel we’ve not answered an important question feel free to contact us and we’ll add the answer here.