Faction balance

We know that faction balance is a complicated topic and is something that’s been on our minds for some time.

It's not surprising it's one of the most common questions we receive — as proven many times in the past, and also more recently, it can impact the game significantly if left unattended.
Nonetheless, Classic is a different game and the problem is less severe in TBC.

We've explored our options and looked at past examples of trying to deal with issues caused by faction imbalance. As a result, we've compiled a list of changes aimed at stabilizing and improving the health of Alliance's population that will make picking Alliance a viable long term pick for players looking to start their journey on Endless.

List of changes (applies to Windrunner):

  • Alliance Paladins are able to learn Seal of Blood. Horde Paladins get Seal of Vengeance in return.
  • Escape Artist is unaffected by talents like Subtlety.
  • Apprentice Riding and Journeyman Riding skills have their training costs removed for Alliance players.
  • Alliance players gain 25% extra reputation from kills and 10% extra reputation from other sources.