Faction balance

We know that faction balance is a complicated topic and is something that’s been on our minds for some time.

It's not surprising it's one of the most common questions we receive — as proven many times in the past, and also more recently, it can impact the game significantly if left unattended.
Nonetheless, Classic is a different game and the problem is less severe in TBC.

We've explored our options and looked at past examples of trying to deal with issues caused by faction imbalance. As a result, we've compiled a list of changes aimed at stabilizing and improving the health of Alliance's population that will make picking Alliance a viable long term pick for players looking to start their journey on Endless.

List of changes:

  • Alliance Paladins will be able to learn Seal of Blood. Horde Paladins will get Seal of Vengeance in return.
  • Escape Artist will be unaffected by talents like Subtlety.
  • Apprentice Riding and Journeyman Riding skills will have their training costs removed for Alliance players.
  • Quest item drop rates will be increased for Alliance players.
  • All quest item drops will be group shared for Alliance players (bring your friends!).
  • Alliance players will gain 50% extra honor.
  • Alliance players will gain 25% extra reputation from kills and 10% extra reputation from other sources.

We will continue monitoring the situation closely and are looking forward to hearing your opinions about these changes.
If you want to discuss these ideas further, visit this page and voice your opinions!