Fresh TBC on the horizon!

We’re excited to announce that a fresh TBC realm from Endless is in the works!

New realm reveal

With a proven track record of managing realms that have accommodated thousands of players, we are confident in our ability to deliver yet another fun and engaging experience for all TBC enthusiasts.
While we're not ready to reveal all the specifics about the new realm just yet, we are considering launching in early fall 2023.
There are some moving pieces to consider before we can commit to a launch date. We'll let you know as soon as we have it confirmed.

What we’ve been up to…

In our last development update, we shared we’ve been working on releasing a Wrath realm.
In that period, we've laid the foundation for a wider application of the 3.3.5a client in our core, providing us with the flexibility to use the client with any expansion.
When the idea of a new TBC realm was discussed internally, the prospect of using the old 2.4.3 client wasn’t something we were looking forward to.
Looking to improve in that area, we’ve decided on running a TBC realm on a heavily modified 3.3.5a client.
Since then, we’ve developed the necessary tools and procedures to easily migrate client data between expansions, allowing us to easily match the target expansion behavior on the new client.
Our new client brings better performance, more customization options for players, and the potential for easier expansion of the current game world, the last being something we’ve been eager to work on for some time now.
While not working on the client, we’ve also been working on improving other aspects of the project, like fixing game-related issues with the progress visible in our changelogs as well as improving complementary features like the Armory.

In the coming weeks…

Expect more updates from us in the weeks ahead with a more in-depth look at the realm specifics, our approach to PvE and PvP content, the new client, and more!