Upcoming content release, catch up and Instant 70

We'd like to announce our plans for upcoming content release.

As mentioned in the video, the closest release are the quest hubs alongside daily cooking, fishing, heroic and normal dungeon quests.

Catch up

As we're approaching what many players call the pinnacle of the expansion — T6 and S3, we can't forget about newer players and ways for them to get into the game within a reasonable time frame. Starting this raid reset players will be able to clear Karazhan twice a week. We hope that this change alongside daily dungeon quests, and a few more things we have planned, will help lower the amount of time newcomers have to spend to be prepared for the upcoming release. The second Karazhan reset will happen each week on Sunday at 6:00 AM server time.

While we're on the subject of catch up, we now have a service that many of you have asked for: Instant 70.
We think the timing is right as many of you who don't have the time to level up again or want to start an alt will now have the option to skip that part and start your adventure on level 70 immediately. Our goal with this service was to stay reasonable while also providing a good starting point to get you to your favorite parts of the game quicker. The bundle includes: all class spells, 4x Netherweave Bag, Journeyman Riding (150), a 100% ground mount, maxed out Weapon and Defense skills, basic flight paths, 50 gold and a starting gearset of your choice (Outland greens). You can find it in the character control panel.

Difficulty adjustments

Last week we've announced some difficulty adjustments to T5 trash. Since then we've received a lot of feedback and suggestions on the topic. The aim of these adjustments will be to allow players to spend more time on boss encounters, as well as slightly reducing the difficulty of a few encounters such as Hydross the Unstable. We're also looking to make T4 encounters more accessible to pugs with our sights set on nerfing bosses like Nightbane, High King Maulgar and Magtheridon.

Upcoming content

Many of you are asking us for a release date of T6 and S3. We're aiming for Battle for Mount Hyjal to come out by the end of July, with Black Temple and S3 coming shortly after. We'll provide an exact date as well as a way for guilds to participate in testing in the near future.