Development update: The Armory

We think it's essential to be able follow the game at all times, which is why we decided to develop a full-fledged armory. We've captured screenshots of some of the pages currently being worked on.

On the armory pages you'll be able to look up players, guilds and arena teams and view detailed information about them. The character page features a character model, rich equipment tooltips, a summary of the player's specialization, professions and arena teams. Additional pages are in place for viewing the full specialization and reputations.

We are also working on a guild ranking system that will let you see how guilds fare against each other. One of the images below shows a guild's current raid progression.

We'll be back with more news (soon), featuring in-game footage and a developer commentary. Stay tuned!
We are also super stoked to hear what you think. Let us know on Reddit or Discord!