Wednesday, 27 September 2023
  • Implemented Racial Ability Choice
  • Implemented suppport for Enchanting Vellums (Vellums are available at Enchanting Supplies vendors
  • Implemented a 20% increased experience from kills and 5% increased damage done buff for toggling PvP mode in the open world
  • Misc fixes to creature chase movement
  • Misc fixes related to cross-faction play
  • Fixed the level of pets summoned by creatures
  • Creatures that run away in fear on low health will now finish their cast before running away
  • Fixed an issue where players would fly to their corpse after instantly pressing Release Spirit after dying while feared in Battlegrounds
  • Fixed spell queued spells being permanently highlighted if spammed too hard while casting
  • Fixed an issue where some stealthed creatures would keep players in combat for a long time after evading
  • Fixed an issue where creatures that have were entering stealth too early when evading
  • Fixed creature pets not being able to players
  • Fixed swapping talents with dual spec not restoring action bars
  • Fixed bonus health being removed after the effect expires incorrectly
  • Fixed PvP mode being disabled automatically when player relogs
  • Fixed an issue where player pets wouldn't correctly move to the last "Stay" position after a /petpassive command is issued
  • Fixed incorrectly being able to backfire
World and Quests
  • Corrected race requirements, gossip options, objective and completion texts for many quests.
  • Fixed not being usable on giants shrunk by
  • Corrected behavior during
  • Misc fixes to
  • Updated spawn points and pooling logic of ores, herbs, chests and fishing schools in the Vanilla world
  • Corrected multiple spawns and patrols in Vanilla and TBC
  • Misc fixes to event
  • Fixed not increasing bleed damage after recent changes.
  • Fixed not being affected by
  • Fixed chaining to targets behind the Hunter
  • Fixed being usable while pet is dismissed and not dead
  • Fixed ranged attack power bonus stacks being reset if another Hunter refreshes the spell.
  • Fixed untalented overriding
  • Fixed buff staying after the 3 attacks when used on a Hunter Pet
  • Fixed not working correctly while player is under a sanctuary effect
  • Fixed affecting the newly summoned pet.
  • Fixed not being active while Warrior is not in combat and affected by
  • Fixed not being able to proc from killing blows done by
  • Fixed pet doing too much damage after recent changes
Vanilla Dungeons and Raids
  • Misc fixes to creatures AI in Vanilla dungeons.
  • Complete rewrite of Dire Maul instance script.
  • Complete rewrite of Dire Maul creature AI and boss scripts.
  • Naxxramas is now functional and ready for testing.
  • Hellfire Peninsula
    • Fixed a rare case where would not be credited correctly
Outland Dungeons
  • Shattered Halls
    • Fixed an issue where would stop fighting with eachother