Tuesday, 13 April 2021

  • Implemented spell queueing.
  • Full rework of the antispam system.
  • Caster creatures will now suppress their target if it has magic school immunity to their main spell.
  • will now be taught to Alliance players through auto-learn.
  • Fixed pets incorrectly stopping auto casts if a manual cast fails.
  • Prevent hunter/warlocks pet to attack target further than 60y from their owner while outsides of bgs/arenas.
  • Fixed triggering creature aggro on removal.
  • Added an extra check when distributing loot through masterloot, preventing some abuses.
  • Players in form will no longer be able to be summoned.
  • Summons (such as ) will now be bound to a specific instance ID they were casted in.
  • Fixed pet follow movement breaking in some cases until the owner moves again.
  • Implemented CMSG_BUSY_TRADE handling, fixes cases of trade ending up stuck when starting a trade with a player who's using a mailbox addon.
  • Fixed buying items with random enchantment not actually giving any enchantment.
  • Fixed /equip not being handled with the same priority /equipslot is handled resulting in inconsistencies between the two.
  • Improved performance of character boost and autolearn features.
  • Fixed an issue with character boost sometimes removing existing bags.
  • Tweaked glancing blow rules to allow glancing on same level target creatures.
  • CC spells casted by mind-controlled spells will now follow player CC duration limitations (e.g. during encounter).
  • Fixed totems incorrectly setting pet combat flag to their owner, preventing them to be targeted by spells such as .
  • Removed T5 attunement requirements.
  • Implemented and corrected some previously unknown or misunderstood spell attributes, creature flags, etc.
  • Players with and creatures with true sight will now see stealthed targets in 360° angle.
  • Spells providing AoE avoidance (such as or ) will now apply to spells with an attribute making them be treated as AoE spells (such as or ).
  • Fixed remote vision spells (e.g. ) not updating players in further areas when repeatedly casted.
  • Guards will now ignore .
  • Preparation work for mixed faction battlegrounds.
  • Prevents owner of some npcs such as or to enter combat with the attacker.
  • Switching to will no longer restart the energy tick timer.
  • Remove melee weapon usage for ,, .
  • Prevents from proccing indoors.
  • Fixed incorrect proc rules.
  • Fixed not providing its bonus.
  • Remove melee weapon usage for .
  • Temporary enchantement such as are not removed anymore when entering arena.
  • Prevent to bounce of critters.
  • Corrected damage over time damage coefficient.
  • Fixed incorrectly causing pushback.
  • Fixed incorrectly not starting PvP combat in contested areas.
  • Fixed scaling incorrectly after recent changes.
  • Fixed damage being increased by through itself.
  • now won't trigger slower mana regen (5s rule).
  • Allow to melee whenever fireball autocast is disabled.
  • Adjusted proc rate.
  • Pets will now be revived by the spirit healer in BGs.
Dungeons and Raids
  • UBRS: Fixed issues with the first door.
  • Fixed remaining cases of respawning chests in instances.
  • Sethekk Halls: fixed infinite bird summons even after Anzu is dead
  • Updated trash respawn timers in cases where wipe recovery revives players next to trash spawn points.
  • Removed skinning loot from .
  • UBRS: Fixed being able to summon many .
  • SSC: 's will now correctly track its target.
  • T5 difficulty adjustments.
World and Quests
  • Fixed being available before ZA release.
  • Reorganized the Skettis area.
  • Fixed despawning after too much time.
  • Increased max mining attempts to 8 for .
  • Removed incorrect gossip menu options from , , , and .
  • Updated evade case.
  • Added missing to .
  • Updated conditions for Legion Hold teleporter.
  • Corrected flags and evade behavior for .
  • Deleted a wrongly spawned vendor in Area52.
  • Fixed a few remaining cases of non-working .
  • Changed to be summoned in front of the caster.
  • Changed summon duration and type for .
  • Improved despawn behavior.
  • Updated respawn timers for many rare spawns around the world.
  • Removed misspawned in the Undercity.

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