Friday, 12 March 2021

  • Formation members will now teleport close to the formation leader if they're too far and the formation leader starts a movement.
  • Adjusted gray level XP to be appropriate for TBC.
  • Fixed an issue where zone dynamic respawn rates would incorrectly count players in a zone.
  • Adjusted respawn timers of many quest creatures.
  • Fixed auras with mechanic resistance such as not being reduced by spell hit score.
  • Implemented auto-learn system for players leveling up and fixed some issues with it.
  • Vendors will continue moving when talked to if their owner / summoner is a player.
  • Pet aura durations will now continue ticking down while offline for short buffs like .
  • Pets will now interrupt spell casts as well when setting their stance to passive.
  • Reduced some Burning Crusade craft cooldowns (such as ).
  • Triggered spells (like proc) will no longer reset a creature's follow timer.
  • Fixed issues with and .
  • Fixed a case where wrong pet data can end up listing a character twice in the enum and prevent loading the character list.
  • Updated arena points reward from the 2v2 bracket (will now award the default 3v3 amount).
  • Tweaked pet follow speed rules to avoid some inconsistencies in battlegrounds.
  • Fixed not being affected by spell haste.
  • Adjusted target search range.
  • Fixed proc rules.
  • Changed to redirect Wand shots as well.
  • Fixed generating extra rage on dodges / parries / blocks / etc.
  • Fixed not being able to break some CC effects on the casting Priest after recent changes.
  • Fixed always procing on absorbed damage.
  • Added missing damage proc when reaching 5 stacks of .
World and Quests
  • Added a missing despawn flag to .
  • Added missing loot tables to some rare spawns around Azeroth.
  • Made world boss loot, Primal Nether and Nether Vortex BoP in line with early patches.
  • Fixed some cases of underground mining nodes in Outland.
  • Fixed not providing Mana back.
  • Fixed cases where players could kill low level players who don't reward honor to obtain World PvP tokens (Hellfire, Zangarmarsh).
  • Fixed issues with 's and 's .
  • Fixed respawn inconsistencies during .
  • Changed to not be able to target players.
  • Reworked script.
  • Fixed flying draenei spirits in the Bone Wastes near Auchindoun.
Dungeons and Raids
  • Some Sunwell Plateau bugfixes.
  • Fixed 's being off by one tick.
  • Fixed issues with 's .
  • Fixed transform model.
  • Corrected 's chance to cast a spell.
  • Fixed issues with sometimes dealing lethal damage in one instance.
  • Fixed issues with 's hitting players outside of its frontal cone.
  • Corrected some level inconsistencies for creatures in normal difficulty Old Hillsbrad Foothills.

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