Thursday, 17 December 2020

  • Fixed incorrect proc rules.
  • Fixed players being kicked when teleporting from Outland to Isle of Quel'Danas (or other same map non-flying zones) while on a flying mount.
  • Implemented SPELL_EFFECT_SUMMON_RAF for .
  • Reworked and unified the way shapeshift and transforms are applied. Fixes issues such as not having priority over some other transform spells.
  • Changed a check for pulse assist, fixing some cases where entering and leaving combat were looped.
  • Fixed procing on owner in cases like .
  • Fixed handling.
  • Misc improvements to take-off and landing movement generators.
  • Fixed spells like not properly focusing targets.
  • Fixed SPELL_AURA_MOD_AOE_DAMAGE_AVOIDANCE like not applying to area aura dots/drains like .
  • Added security to prevent creatures allowed to respawn while already alive (like escort creatures) to have their respawn scheduled twice.
  • Fixed some triggered spells using the wrong target like or 's .
  • Fixed mount transforms.
  • Moved SMSG_LIST_INVENTORY to a new packet structure.
  • Fix not procing .
  • Fixed and being able to attack players.
  • Fixed scaling with bonus healing.
  • Fixed procing from .
  • Fixed incorrectly procing on e.g. stance changes.
  • Fixed some monster weapon sheath states.
  • Fixed generation of pet happiness giving threat to the hunter.
  • Fixed ranged spells like doing too much damage when target is affected by a debuff such as .
  • Fixed providing only 24% of agility as AP bonus instead of 25%.
  • Fixed not being recasted on dismounting after recent changes.
World and Quests
  • Fixed not being flagged as a monthly repeatable.
  • Fixed dropping without the correct pre-requisite quest finished.
  • Pooled .
  • Updated level requirement.
  • Removed random movement from .
Raids and Instances
  • Sunwell Plateau work.
  • Made spawned usable.
  • Improved pet pathing around area.
  • Slightly increased 's hunter trap cooldowns.
  • Added an antiabuse for in MGT.
  • Basic AI for .
  • Fixed an issue with when switching to P5 while currently transitioning to Demon Form.
  • Fixed issues with 's channeling and channeling after recent changes.
  • Added missing AI for .

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