Wednesday, 25 November 2020

  • Improvements to creatures moving across map cells, resolving issues such as visually teleporting or appearing slightly ahead of where they actually are.
  • Fixed not preventing mid-air spells to hit.
  • Fixed physical attacks not critting against a sitting target if the attacker has 0% crit chance after resilience reductions.
  • Fixed loot window being able to be closed.
  • Added missing "You receive loot:" message when winning loot with Group Loot loot mode.
  • Fixed pulling nearby mobs when procing .
  • Implemented phasing used during .
  • Fixed NPCs during escort quests not running back to their previous waypoint.
  • Fixed pet summon position when the owner is in the air.
  • Fixed NPCs during escort quests assisting players who are not the escort starters or in their group.
  • Fixed Darkmoon Faire scheduling every first monday of the month.
  • Improved transmog logic performance.
  • Fixed ending up underground in some cases after recent changes.
  • Redone the way pets reorient after finishing a follow move.
  • Fixed an overflow in pet auras handling, resulting in wrong auras being added in some cases.
  • Fixed units feigning death not properly showing the ground circle as grayed out if the unit was set to feign death after the player already had the unit loaded on their client.
  • Updated Blade's Edge Arena movement maps, fixing issues such as falling down from the edges of the bridge after a spell like or .
  • Fixed shield effect.
  • Fixed players incorrectly receiving a when in Battlegrounds or Arenas (where summons are free).
  • Corrected one quest swap for Shamans during faction change.
  • Fixed guards not attacking players flagged for contested pvp until they moved.
  • Fixed and proc rules.
  • Fixed wand damage being incorrectly reduced by spells like .
  • Fixed being able to be resisted.
  • Fixed being removed from physical spells ignoring armor like .
  • Fixed and behaviour.
  • Fixed inflicting damage to the owner through spells like .
  • Fixed being castable on player controlled units.
  • Fixed proc being reflectable.
World and Quests
  • Fixed armor amounts for and .
  • Fixed where players couldn't see the spirits under some conditions.
  • Fixed issues with .
  • Fixed requirements.
  • Fixed reputation rewards.
  • Added a lot of missing spawns, patrols and RP events on the Isle of Quel'Danas and related areas.
  • Changed inebriate effect to end after expires.
  • Fixed issues with resetting.
  • Fixed Alliance and Horde portals near the Dark Portal.
  • New handling for and .
  • Update loot conditions for .
  • Fix not being of bread food type.
Raids and Instances
  • Magisters' Terrace implementation and fixes
  • Fixed summon from not being centered on the player.
  • Fixed threat addon issues.
  • Some Sunwell Plateu work.

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