Monday, 26 October 2020

  • Fixed issues with transports sometimes dropping players off in the middle of their path (such as the Grom'gol to Undercity zeppelin).
  • Fixed issues with chests being restocked in instances under certain conditions.
  • Fixed not affecting certain healing effects like .
  • Changed the Armory boss speed kills restrictions to allow 2 out of guild players.
  • Fixed cases where players were not getting quest credit if their pet gets the killing blow.
  • Improved mmaps precision, fixing cases where the character would end up on steep slopes (affects spells like , or .)
  • Fixed some creature spells being interrupted by stuns when they shouldn't be (e.g. ).
  • Fixed shadow and nature resistance not showing properly in character sheet.
  • Fixed some cases of creature pets not engaging when their owner is attacked.
  • Fixed issues with pet pathing in certain areas like Den of Haal'esh (Hellfire Peninsula).
  • Fixed creatures not engaging combat with totem owners in PvE settings.
  • Fixed creatures not calling assistance again on engage after having evaded at least once.
  • Fixed players not being able to cast spells if losing control of a charmed unit (e.g. being affected by while channeling and being unable to cast ).
  • Increased the range at which will treat the mage as if they're on the ground when they're falling down.
  • Fixed issues with players getting their lower ranks of replaced.
  • Fixed being cancelled when equipping four pieces of .
Dungeons and Raids
  • Fixed issues with refusing to spin after recent updates.
  • Fixed 's faction.
  • Fixed Zul'Aman timer expiring and the hostage being sacrificed when a boss is currently engaged.
  • will now despawn after encounter is finished and their base respawn timer is increased to 60s - 90s (up from 45s - 55s).
  • Fixed immunities on .
  • will now be removed from when he's CCed.
  • Slightly changed intro destination point.
  • Added missing pack linking in Slave Pens.
World and Quests
  • Some corrections to .
  • Small corrections to .
  • Fixed .
  • Fixed issues with summoning after abandoning the quest.
  • Fixed cases where would not become a quest giver if the player dealing the damage was no longer on the quest.
  • Fixed a case where could not reset correctly.
  • Fixed some minor text typos, creature positions and buy counts in the world.
  • Added missing to various creatures in dungeons, instances and the open world.
  • Moved 's spawn point from under the map.

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