Wednesday, 16 September 2020

  • Incrased pet corpse despawn delay to 5 minutes.
  • Fixed proc not providing any mana back to the owner in certain conditions.
  • Fixed issues with master looter not being able to see recipes and patterns when they're not able to use them.
  • Fixed pets despawning because of range restrictions in arena.
  • Fixed cooldown being broken in duel area when restoring a cooldown for it.
  • Players will now inherit combat from their pets when their pets attack a target.
  • Fixed equipping ranged weapons after the ammo container not properly updating attack speed.
  • Fixed interrupt and cooldown not being correctly sent when cancelling certain channeled spells (e.g. ).
  • Fixed issues with patrols in raids going out of range and having the possibility of not coming back until a player updates them again.
  • Fixed some area auras like wrongly affecting non-enemy targets.
  • Some performance and stability improvements.
  • Fixed health leech effects incorrectly generating threat.
  • Fixed issues with players not being able to use items when losing control of their character while controlling another unit.
  • Fixed gameobject & dynamicobject visibility for ghosts.
  • Fixed weapons/armor not appearing in red anymore after recent changes when players can't use them.
  • Fixed Energy not being set to full when a player levels up.
  • Made most hostile actions (like putting a DoT effect) count as a hostile action for creature reset purposes.
  • Updated creature leashing logic and reworked assist pulse.
  • Fixed creatures missing movement slow effect when they're low HP.
  • Fixed having an incorrect amount of charges.
  • Added a small delay to entering combat when a support spell is casted in PvP allowing for "drinking in combat" behaviour.
  • Fixed a kick on client control transfer under certain conditions.
  • Fixed setting the Hunter in combat when it procs after recent changes.
  • Fixed not applying to damage.
  • Fixed incorrectly generating threat.
  • Fixed not absorbing mid-flight spells when the effect is triggered.
  • Fixed being incorrectly consumed by .
  • Fixed incorrectly affecting Poison damage.
  • Fixed not correctly unapplying from weapons when they're unequipped.
  • Fixed not sharing cooldown correctly between weapons.
Dungeons and Raids
  • Many HP adjustments to trash and bosses in T5.
  • Some HP adjustments to Black Temple trash.
  • Updated formations and call for help range for creatures in dungeons after recent creature assistance changes.
  • Some Zul'Aman work.
  • Fixed issues with .
  • Added missing to Gnomeregan's .
  • Fixed incorrectly casting on pull.
  • Removed despawn timer from .
  • Fixed 's doors closing after a server restart.
World and Quests
  • Fixed Area52 Inn not providing Rested bonus.
  • Updated graveyard for BRD to Thorium Point.
  • Cleaned up script.
  • Fixed Auberdine graveyard not being available to both factions.
  • Updated 's respawn timer (to 5 minutes).
  • Corrected description.
  • Updated Homing Robot Chicken quest handling and gave them rocket jetpacks.
  • Set to current patch.

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