Saturday, 5 September 2020

  • Fixed creature weapon sounds and sheathe states when they're casting or emoting.
  • Fixed Druid shapeshifts being incorrectly overriden by other transforms.
  • Fixed items using same spells incorrectly being put on full cooldown rather than their shared category cooldown (such as and ).
  • Fixed items with charges not being able to be put on the Auction House (such as ).
  • Fixed aura information not being sent correctly when the unit having the aura enters viewer's distance again (fixes issues with addons like Pally Power).
  • Fixed 's being a debuff.
  • Fixed players appearing as dead when releasing spirit and being ported out of the instance or changing maps in other ways.
  • Fixed buffs such as and not remaining on players when entering instances.
  • Updated movement maps path generating logic resulting in more consistency in path lengths and directions.
  • Fixed a bunch of issues with delayed spells being incorrectly applied through immunities resulting in weird results (e.g. with ).
  • Fixed issues with players being disconnected when joining BGs or Arenas while on a flight path.
  • Fixed a few memory leaks and potential crashes.
  • Dead creature summons will now despawn faster if the corpse has no loot.
  • Fixed incorrectly procing from bounces.
  • Fixed procing from spells other than .
  • Fixed procing from spells other than .
  • Fixed not correctly updating with Stamina and Intellect changes.
  • Fixed 4 set bonus.
  • Added missing (casted when dispelled) scaling.
  • Added missing Diminishing Returns to .
  • Fixed being incorrectly overriden by stronger slow effects.
  • Fixed incorrectly procing even when misses.
  • Fixed not being castable on friendly targets in shapeshifts or stances.
  • Fixed scaling data for lower ranks of .
  • Fixed incorrectly causing threat making creatures kill it instantly when attempting to escape.
  • Fixed 4 set bonus.
  • Fixed having incorrect PPM and being unable to proc from and .
  • Fixed not being able to proc off reflected damage.
  • Fixed not healing through immunities.
Dungeons and Raids
  • will no longer turn to the target of .
  • will reset her swing timer after cast finishes.
  • will no longer cast his if is not his current victim.
  • Reduced 's damage.
  • Fixed not stacking for different casters.
  • Corrected 's HP in normal mode.
  • Removed previously added "ignore resistances" attributes from and .
  • Fixed 's incorrectly keeping players in combat forever.
  • Fixed being incorrectly unlootable.
  • Fixed not being lootable without having the associated quest.
  • Fixed , and incorrectly having a leash range in Black Morass.
World and Quests
  • Some Brewfest work.
  • Changed all class quests to always appear as "current level" for players.
  • Fixed issues with and .
  • Fixed issues with .
  • Fixed issues with .
  • Fixed issues with .
  • Added a recovery option for at in case a player misplaces theirs during Horde Rogue poison questline.
  • Fixed 's damage modifier.
  • Cleaned up Hunter's quest line quest progression data.
  • Fixed minimum reputation requirements for and .
  • Added missing script.
  • Added missing health check.
  • Corrected the amount of obtained from (max 2 now).
  • Added missing knockback effect to 's .
  • Slightly increased the drop rate of .
  • Fixed .
  • Removed reputation restriction from and .
  • Fixed issues with being unavailable if and the former was completed.
  • Fixed possible issues with .
  • Fixed reputation requirements for and .
  • Fixed being incorrectly hostile.
  • Fixed not facing the caster towards the Triangulation point.
  • Fixed progression data.
  • Fixed issues with .
  • Fixed missing quest starter data for .
  • Fixed incorrect quest data for .
  • Added to a bunch of .
  • Added player immunity to .
  • Fixed issues with respawning.
  • Increased drop rate of .
  • Fixed casting from across the world.
  • Added a recovery option for misplaced .
  • Added missing script.
  • Fixed issues with .
  • Added missing quest starter data for .
  • Fixed incorrectly consuming two pieces of meat.
  • Fixed .
  • Fixed areatrigger teleports not working in Mazthoril.
  • Fixed issues with .
  • Added a missing whistle recovery for .
  • Fixed some and other color clusters being incorrectly uninteractable with.
  • Fixed 's spells being able to target players.
  • Fixed 's buffs being resisted every time.
  • Added missing loot to .
  • Increased drop rate of .

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