Wednesday, 24 June 2020
  • Fixed respec costs showing the wrong price after repeated respecs.
  • Fixed "Bid accepted" message being wrongly sent when doing a buyout on the AH.
  • Fixed instant spells consuming effects decreasing casting time by a 100% (such as ).
  • Fixed incorrect online stream number autobroadcast message.
  • Expanded some script commands to allow for more arguments.
  • Fixed pets not autocasting their spells in some cases, such as not using Devour Magic while in range.
  • Fixed /petautocasttoggle macros.
  • Canceling a pending duel by dueling another player will now be possible.
  • Fixed a spell resistance miscalculation causing it to be slightly too weak against non-binary spells.
  • Fixed a calculation error in spell resistance making it slightly too strong in partial resist calculations.
  • Fixes replacing other weaker slow effects when struck.
  • Updated proc rate and proc rules.
  • Fixed quest level being wrongly displayed as 0 in some cases and corrected ~400 quests with wrongly displayed quest level.
  • Fixed proc data.
  • Added automated tests for and its interaction with and .
  • Experimental changes to pathfinding aimed at helping with mmap polygon simplifications.
  • Updated 's proc chance to match retail data.
  • Fixed existing being consumed by various spells such as or .
  • Overrriding with a new application will no longer be possible.
  • Fixed incorrectly adding threat to the hunter.
  • Fixed resisting a lot when used with a pet.
  • Fixed damage not being affected by .
  • Fixed requiring incorrect materials.
  • Fixed bonus not working.
  • Fixed persisting without when switching specializations through Dual Spec.
Dungeons and Raids
  • Fixed failing to cast her spells under certain conditions.
  • Fixed sometimes targetting dead players.
  • Fixed 's path in BRD looping forever.
  • Fixed an abuse in Old Hillsbrad Foothills allowing to spawn the first boss multiple times (requiring tremendous skill, concentration and coordination).
  • Rewritten event.
  • no longer dies instantly at the sight of players.
  • Fixed sometimes stuck in root after evading.
  • Changed some stuff in 's script.
  • Corrected 's timers after recent rewrite.
  • Fixed 's no longer doing the bump up after recent changes.
  • Made remove faster when target is full health.
World and Quests
  • A lot of improvements and fixes in upcoming daily quest hubs (Ogri'la, Netherwing, Skettis).
  • Fixed a hole in the ground in Burning Steppes (bears are now safe).
  • Fixed requiring the wrong NPC to finish the quest.
  • Rewritten script.
  • Autodespawn after some time out of combat.
  • Improvements to Grim(oire) Business
  • Improvements and fixes to .
  • Added missing to some fishing objects.
  • Fixed 's loot table.
  • Fixed having too much power for a creature its size.
  • Fixed 's incorrect text reference.

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