Friday, 12 June 2020
  • Added personal JC gem recipes and added missing to Halaa vendors.
  • Experimentally updated sanctions duration steps.
  • Fixed mind control effects ending not clearing already active auto attacks in arena.
  • Fixed spell targeting in cases like when spellstolen.
  • Fixed hit chance incorrectly reducing full spell resists chance from spell resistances. This fixes e.g. resist chance being reduced if the attacker was over the hit cap.
  • Improved random/fear effect movement in cases of nearby edges.
  • Fixed full resist chance from spell resistance when rolling hit for a non-binary spell.
  • Fixed mind controlled players not being killed when the controlling unit evades (e.g. during encounter).
  • Fixed Defense skill being stuck if player has a talent increasing defense.
  • Fixed creature's channeled spells not being slowed down by spells like .
  • Fixed and other controlled units sometimes incorrectly going back to follow owner even if currently controlled.
  • Fixed Alterac Valley bosses sometimes wrongly evading.
  • Fixed applying double diminishing returns on main target.
  • Fixed being incorrectly removed if it is casted while a is in flight.
  • Fixed not applying on off-hand hit.
  • Fixed not blooming upon being removed by .
  • Fixed not scaling correctly with .
  • Fixed 's duration being incorrectly reduced by effects such as .
  • Fixed not applying its bonus to melee attack power.
Dungeons and Raids
  • Made 's a bit less spacelaunchy.
  • Updated damage modifiers for and .
  • Fixed not working anymore after recent changes.
  • Added missing from a chest in BRD.
  • Fixed not being lootable.
  • SSC: Made Lady Vashj's elementals be unable to block or parry.
  • Increased 's movement speed.
  • Fixed adds during 's not despawning after the boss dies.
  • Rewritten script, fixed spells failing to cast under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a typo in 's loot table.
  • Added missing formations in Sethekk Halls.
World and Quests
  • Updated level 70 Darkmoon Card drop rates in Outland.
  • Updated respawn timers of gameobjects for .
  • Fixed being visible to players
  • Added missing AI to and corrected his quest related loot.
  • Ogri'la: added missing spawns in some places (boars and rays).
  • Fixed recently broken .
  • Fixed .
  • Fixed and improved .
  • Improved professions NPCs' message when player has to unequip profession items before unlearning the specialization.
  • Fixed .
  • Fixed a node in WPL.

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