Monday, 1 June 2020
  • Fixed certain procs not being able to proc from casting healing over time effects on full health targets (e.g. and ).
  • Fixed being a debuff instead of buff.
  • Fixed Rogues sometimes being visible by players under invisibility effects.
  • Fixed hunter pets starting with wrong speed based on the template they were created from.
  • Fixed some objects not being properly cleared for gamemasters or dead players .
  • Fixed pet bar disappearing in some cases (e.g. when summoning a dead pet).
  • Added missing responses for .
  • Converted Alterac Valley's bosses and marshals from an older pool system to newer creature formations.
  • Creatures can now try to inherit targets from their formation when they would otherwise evade.
  • Changed creature engage logic to allow creatures to assist other creatures even if they're currently evading.
  • Adjusted creature engage logic to allow calling an already fighting creature for help.
  • duration will now last one hour if kicked by AFK reports.
  • Fixed smartAI creatures not properly restoring their follow movement after finishing a chase movement.
  • Fixed sometimes incorrectly pausing escort NPCs when interacted with.
  • Fixed (and other auras) not being removed when mounted after leaving a battleground.
  • Added missing /dance response.
  • Corrected wrong arena points price for .
  • Fixed and replacing each other instead of only the strongest effect remaining active.
  • Fixed a case of being "stuck" when entering arena and spam-clicking the ability.
  • Fixed resist message.
  • Fixed not scaling with correctly.
  • Fixed Warrior incorrectly proccing even on stun/root resists when partially resisting (e.g. through ).
  • Fixed dual wield miss penalty if an 'on next swing' ability is queued (this imitates a retail bug).
Dungeons and Raids
  • Lowered health pools of all creatures involved in encounter.
  • Added a little more delay between 's after .
  • Made negative.
  • Added missing pack linking in Gruul's Lair.
  • Fixed sometimes not casting in last phase if he transitions during demon phase.
  • Fixed 's behaviour in Blacrock Depths.
  • Made Karazhan's Master Terrace doors no longer interactable for players (preventing Jeff from being locked out).
  • Fixed some spawn group linking for trash before .
  • Fixed throwing players out of the platform if casting just before death.
  • Many corrections to AQ40 and BWL.
World and Quests
  • Tweaked some respawn times for various pooled creatures in Outland.
  • Updated various respawn timers for .
  • Restored even if Skettis is not yet released.
  • Fixed attackable Battlemasters outside of Orgrimmar and Stormwind.
  • Fixed multiple mining node positions.
  • Reduced respawn time of .
  • Lowered 's damage modifier.
  • Made Boulder'mok in Blade's Edge Mountains cool.
  • Fixed 's duration.
  • Fixed respawn timer (ten minutes).

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