Friday, 22 May 2020
  • Fixed issues with players switching targets when using certain addons, causing issues such as summoning the wrong player.
  • Added functionality for vanilla PvP titles based on lifetime total honorable kill count.
  • Fixed being hostile.
  • Removed Auction House item deposit cost for items with no vendor cost.
  • Fixed being dispellable.
  • Fixed quest completion not being correctly checked when swapping item in/out of bank.
  • Fixed issues with players being able to go through doors before the arena match starts after recent changes.
  • Added some vanity items as rewards for reporting spammers (e.g. ).
  • Removed experience gain from creature kills with level > 10 of the killing player.
  • Switched trap handling to use autoclose time for traps if no cooldown is available. Fixes some objects like .
  • Improved handling of spells with an attribute allowing to be casted while mounted.
  • Fixed not providing expertise bonus in all stances.
  • Fixed not proccing normal white hits when using and secondary targets aren't below 20%.
  • Changed to not have resistance chance (matching a hit capped Warrior's ).
  • Fixed issues with causing pushback when taking damage.
  • Fixed not adding bonus healing to .
  • Fixed not having any effect.
  • Fixed Druids being able to attack while in .
  • Fixed being usable on enemy players in a sanctuary.
  • Fixed not being usable.
  • Changed to not be consumed while the Warlock is in Arenas or Battlegrounds (still required for the spell cast).
World and Quests
  • Fixed some quest chests closing their loot window immediately.
  • Fixed having infinite duration rather than 2 hours.
  • Added missing gossip menu for to retrieve a missing .
  • Corrected 's behavior, waypoints and spawnpoints.
  • Fixed AI of and fixed issues with dual wield.
  • Adjusted damage modifier of .
  • Adjusted 's script.
  • Fixed ability usage of .
  • Fixed some inaccessible mining node spawn points in Outland.
  • Spawned one .
  • Corrected 's ability usage.
  • Fixed incorrectly not despawning on owner's death.
  • Adjusted drop chance.
  • Adjusted timers for .
  • Fixed issues with stopping during his escort when interacted with.
  • Fixed 's behavior when cured.
  • Added missing to .
  • Fixed 's wrong behaviour.
  • Reduced respawn time for .
  • Fixed respawn time of for .
  • Increased the drop chance of .
  • Fixed issues with not dropping in some cases.
  • Removed XP from
Dungeons and Raids
  • Fixed respawn timers of .
  • Fixed issues with granting a lot of threat to the player when used.
  • Fixed not despawning his on death.
  • Removed parry haste from .
  • Fixed summoning 3 instead of 4 in normal mode.
  • Adjusted call for help range of packs.
  • Fixed issues with 's .
  • Added a more appropriate for .
  • Fixed formation issues in Mana Tombs.
  • Fixed Black Morass sometimes summoning two portals at the sime time
  • Added a missing 5% drop chance for to a few normal difficulty bosses (e.g. or ).
  • Fixed having incorrect immunities.
  • Fixed and having incorrect immunities.
  • Fixed issues with 's .
  • Fixed the elevator in The Mechanar not displaying player positions correctly.
  • Fixed missing spell phase for .

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