Tuesday, 12 May 2020
  • Implemented new anti-bot system severely reducing the amount of bots.
  • Implemented new packet processing for the Auction House resulting in more responsiveness and shorter query times.
  • Fixed cases where a quest starting item would be removed when the quest is abandoned.
  • Fixed an abuse allowing players entering heroic dungeons without having required heroic access.
  • Fixed possess effects (e.g. ) not canceling already active auto attacks when the effect ends.
  • Fixed creatures doing stealth detection alert just after respawning.
  • Fixed lootable corpses despawning too fast in cases of shared loot when one player has already looted the items (e.g. ).
  • Made escort quests a bit faster by making the escorted NPC run in certain conditions (e.g. when the escorting player is mounted).
  • Fixed certain spells not having a chance to be resisted through mechanic resistance (e.g. and ).
  • Made pet names appear with their base creature names (e.g. Berg becomes Wind Serpent) when in battlegrounds and arenas to avoid issues with Gladdy.
  • Fixed issues with macros that equip items and cast a spell (e.g. "equip and Shiv" macro).
  • Fixed consuming melee hits if the Warrior doesn't have enough rage shortly after queueing the ability.
  • Fixed stacks not being removed when the parent spell gets dispelled.
  • Fixed 's iteraction with other movement slowing effects.
Dungeons and Raids
  • Decreased 's health pool to 7.5mil (previously ~9,5mil), 's to 384k (previously ~450k), 's to 384k (previously ~470k) and 's to 8.4k (previously ~12k).
  • A lot of miscellaneous corrections to trash packs in dungeons, their spell usage and patrols.
  • Fixed incorrectly using his on the tank.
  • Corrected boss and trash linking in TBC dungeons.
  • Fixes 's missing recipes.
  • Fixed not despawning his portals after a wipe.
  • Fixed reset logic for .
  • Corrected 's .
Quests and World
  • Moved a few undermap ores from under the map.
  • Reduced respawn timer for quest objectives related to .
  • Fixed issues with and not being able to be turned in if the the player doesn't have the required minimum reputation.
  • Fixed faction requirements for and .
  • Fixed random movement for .
  • Added missing waypoints for and .

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