Tuesday, 5 May 2020
  • Updated Outland ore spawn points to closer match retail TBC data (data taken from Gatherer).
  • Fixed having a general cooldown on gaining charges rather than only after releasing all charges.
  • Added missing knockback effect to .
  • Adjusted CC break (e.g. or ) rules to better reflect players' health pools during Season 1.
  • Fixed issues with when switching targets.
  • Fixed parried spells not triggering parry haste.
  • Boosted neutral guards aggro range a bit.
  • Drastically improved load time of groups.
  • Fixed issues with and interaction.
  • Fixed Violet Eye reputation ring switching issues.
  • Fixed issues with changing Engineering specializations using
  • Adjusted wrong price for .
  • Added missing Dark Iron Dwarf transform to .
Quests and World
  • A lot of adjustments and repositioning to creatures in Netherstorm.
  • Fixed issues with not giving credit anymore.
  • Fixed issues with quests hanging up in some cases.
  • Reduced respawn timer for objects required for quests and .
  • Added level 70 Darkmoon Cards to all level 70 creatures' loot tables.
  • Added missing waypoints for in Netherstorm.
  • Adjusted respawn timers for objectives.
  • Reduced respawn timer of for .
  • Adjusted target searching logic.
  • Reduced the spam by .
  • Added missing text lines for complaining about his life.
  • Fixed issues with not resetting correctly during .

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