Friday, 20 March 2020
  • Fixed cases of master looter window remaining stuck open if the receiving player is too far.
  • Fixed cases of players staying dead as ghosts.
  • Moved some map splits a bit (e.g. Durotar).
  • Fixed cases of master looter not being able to loot quest items.
  • Fixed cases of a player being stuck in an auto-attack stance and not resetting targets correctly.
  • Adjusted values for dynamic view distance.
  • Fixed creatures that died in the air not falling to the ground correctly.
  • Fixed not being considered as a Bread type food.
  • Fixed global channels displaying join and leave messages in cases of moderator changes.
  • Allowed everyone in a party to set target marks.
  • Improved stopping combat through sanctuary effects.
  • Fixed pending group invites not being canceled correctly in all cases.
  • Allowed raid assistants to set other assistants and nominate players for specific roles (e.g. tanks).
  • Fixed creatures visually shaking (with excitement) while chasing players.
  • Fixed not being able to stack with other types of tracking.
  • Fixed cases where a player falling under the map wasn't considered to be under the map.
  • Added missing data to the faction change system (race specific mounts, items, spells and faction flight paths).
  • Fixed providing an incorrect amount of strength for level 70 players.
  • Fixed a few left over chests with a very short respawn timer.
  • Improved anti-spam detection algorithm and applied the system to mail as well.
  • Reduced the feeling of delay for players in instanced maps.
  • Fixed gray level creatures and quests not rewarding correct amounts of reputation on kill.
  • Fixed an abuse related to trade Enchanting.
  • Fixed not being in the same DR category as other controlled stuns (e.g. ).
  • Fixed .
  • Fixed incorrectly not resetting timer.
  • Fixed pet auras counting down while the player is offline.
  • Fixed cases of other Hunters interrupting each other's .
  • Removed threat generation from .
  • Fixed not triggering instantly after cast.
  • Fixed an issue with where a player would be able to die while under the spell's effects.
  • Added a check for tapped targets to (same rules as ).
  • Adjusted HP and damage values of all creatures in Alterac Valley.
  • Fixed reinforcements score not displaying instantly after starting the battle in Alterac Valley.
  • Fixed some creatures respawning already dead in Alterac Valley.
  • Fixed Alterac Valley's bowmen not behaving correctly.
  • Fixed Warmaster's and Marshal's buffs being applied to every other creature and players in range.
  • Added missing and .
  • Repositioned the Warmasters inside 's room.
  • Fixed not using her spells correctly, adjusted her 's hp and added missing .
  • Fixed 's position, cooldowns and spell usage.
  • Fixed 's spell cooldowns, HP and damage values.
  • Fixed 's spell cooldowns, HP and damage values.
Instances and Raids
  • Fixed cubes during not responding in some cases.
  • Fixed not facing the target of his .
  • Made skip slightly less convenient.
  • Fixed cases where 's could be resisted.
  • Added extra security to 's .
  • Fixed Steamvault 's door not opening correctly after a server restart.
  • Fixed Karazhan Chess Event double chest spawn.
  • Fixed dead boss corpses being despawned in The Black Morass in cases of Medivh dying.
  • Improved trash respawns and linking in Karazhan.
  • Fixed heroic 's loot table.
  • Fixed 's being an instant cast.
World and Quests
  • Spawned more roof guards and fixed flying guards in Area52.
  • Added missing waypoints, spells and animations to some creatures in Netherstorm.
  • Adjusted restock timer for many limited stock vendors in the world.
  • Fixed not enraging correctly in some cases.
  • Fixed wrong reputation kill reward for some Nagas in Zangarmarsh.
  • Added missing gossip options to retrieve lost and .
  • Added missing waypoints to .
  • Added missing to 's loot table.
  • Fixed recipe for .
  • Fixed cases where would stay inactive after players moved him far away from the event area.
  • Fixed events.
  • Fixed being incorrectly set to auto-complete.
  • Fixed some patch 2.4 models being used in Shattrath.
  • Adjusted HP, aggro range and level of .
  • Fixed 's respawn time.

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