Wednesday, 11 March 2020
  • Changed battleground holidays to occur each day, cycling through a different battleground each day.
  • Fixed creatures not soft and hard evading in some cases.
  • Enabled Battleground queue announcers.
  • Fixed pooled ores and herbs respawning in instances.
  • Fixed creatures not engaging in combat after running away in fear under some conditions.
  • Fixed unlooted chests incorrectly despawning in instances.
  • Fixed some reputation farm abuses.
  • Fixed players not being able to connect in some cases.
  • Fixed some possible crashes and removed some obsolete code.
  • Fixed summoned bosses not resetting correctly in some cases.
  • Fixed missing banners in Arathi Basin.
  • Fixed more false positives in anti-cheat.
  • Fixed dungeon resets being scheduled instantly if a player requested a reset at some point during the dungeon run.
  • Fixed quest starter items being deleted if they're required to complete the quest.
  • Fixed pet training points being incorrectly calculated if a pet has pre-learned spells and a few other pet training points calculation errors.
  • Implemented more anti-goldseller tools.
  • Fixed some heroic instances being not correctly reset by the global instance reset system.
  • Cleaned up guard AI and their interactions with players engaging in PvP in contested areas.
  • Implemented per faction XP rates.
  • Fixed not being available from some trainers.
  • Fixed some ores and herbs not being spawned in heroic versions of instances.
  • Enabled the quest chain.
  • Fixed being removed upon leaving
  • Fixed incorrectly not stacking per Hunter.
  • Fixed not activating instantly.
  • Fixed 's interaction with unit frame addons such as XPerl or ElvUI. The ritual will now always summon the target selected at the start of the cast. This also affects Meeting Stones outside of instances.
  • Fixed not being instant in some cases with present.
Dungeons and Raids
  • Fixed 's normal loot.
  • Fixed one being incorrectly linked to another pack in Shattered Halls.
  • Fixed reputation abuse in Arcatraz.
  • Fixed being unresponsive in some cases.
  • Fixed not being banishable.
  • Fixed casting on all allies at once instead of only one target.
  • Fixed cases of creatures incorrectly chain pulling each other in The Steamvault.
  • Slowed down portal spawn times in the Black Morass.
  • Fixed a reputation abuse in Shattered Halls.
  • Fixed Zul'Farrak graves allowing players to spawn a lot of zombies at once.
  • Changed Black Morass rifts to be summoned in a random place rather than in the same pattern.
  • Removed threat wipe after his .
  • Fixed spamming .
  • Fixed not despawning in cases of wipes.
  • Minor fixes to .
  • Added delay on 's activation.
  • Changed creatures in Old Hillsbrad Foothills not being correctly linked in houses.
  • Removed retry limit in Old Hillsbrad Foothills (normal difficulty only).
  • Added to all mechanical creatures in Karazhan.
  • Fixed using without any grace period after .
  • Fixed incorrectly crediting players for in the normal version of Arcatraz.
  • Fixed Karazhan's Servant Quarter bosses missing emotes on spawn.
  • Removed an incorrect flag making 's instant cast.
World and Quests
  • Fixed not stopping the event in some cases.
  • Fixed Wyrmcult creatures becoming unresponsive upon casting .
  • Fixed not restoring their flight flags correctly after being lured down to eat.
  • Fixed incorrectly being contained in some veins.
  • Fixed not being visible to players if they've died after picking up .
  • Fixed sometimes hanging up during events.
  • Fixed missing hourly bell sounds in some Horde and Alliance towns.
  • Fixed the respawn timer of in Nagrand.
  • Fixed summoning abuse in Terokkar Forest.
  • Fixed not despawning after some time.
  • Fixed not despawning out of combat.
  • Added to their appropriate creatures' loot tables.
  • Fixed being able to be summoned outside of Shattrath.
  • Despawned some incorrectly spawned .
  • Fixed being able to be summoned multiple times despite the being present. Also set the duration of the debuff to 3 minutes.
  • Spawned a few for the Druid quest chain.
  • Lowered all Plans: Adamantite... (e.g. ) restock time.
  • Fixed players being able to summon infinite amounts of .
  • Added missing spawn points and waypoints for in Netherstorm.
  • Lowered the restock timer of .
  • Fixed failing to credit the players in some cases.
  • Fixed graveyard in Caverns of Time being incorrectly linked.
  • Modified guards' movement speed, damage, immunities and health pools.
  • Lowered restock timer of .
  • Added spawn points and missing waypoints.
  • Increased 's damage a bit.
  • Fixed casting a ranged .
  • Fixed missing for Scryers.
  • Added more guards in the Caverns of Times to help keep the peace.
  • Adjusted the price of .
  • Added a missing script to
  • Fixed missing ending events.
  • Fixed falling out of the air in some cases.
  • Fixed attacking players who can't see them.
  • Fixed being incorrectly unavailable to Horde players.
  • Fixed quest order for
  • Fixed missing gossip options to restore lost flare guns during chain.
  • Fixed never despawning during the Bloodmaul Outpost events.
  • Added a despawn timer to .

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