Tuesday, 3 March 2020
  • Fixed dungeon bosses being able to respawn after a server restart.
  • Fixed cases where players wouldn't be able to interact with creatures of rival factions (e.g. creatures in Hillsbrad Foothils or creatures of the Mag'har faction).
  • Fixed area auras being able to stack in some cases (e.g. ).
  • Fixed creatures not casting spells and behaving correctly after charm effects wear off.
  • Players under the effects of mind control and possess abilities will no longer use cooldowns such as .
  • Updated node pools resulting in more stability.
  • Nuked the announcements upon joining or leaving "world" channels.
  • Refined commands available to Game Masters.
  • General improvements and more information in anticheat recordings.
  • Added some tools to help with fightning gold sellers.
  • Added Paladin's to all Paladin trainers able to handle such power.
  • Fixed 's summon and respawn time.
  • Added a few autobroadcast messages with beautiful colors.
  • Various crash fixes, improving overall stability.
  • Enabled parry haste for players.
  • Fixed a case where two portals could be spawned at once in Black Morass.
  • Reduced the damage of a few monsters in Hellfire Ramparts, Blood Furnace, Slave Pens, Old Hillsbrad and Black Morass (for normal mode only).
  • Fixed not giving credit for in some cases.
  • Increased the cooldown of Epoch Hunter's .
  • Fixed not resummoning his fellow channelers.
  • Rework script.
  • Refined loot in Shattered Halls normal.
  • Fixed the immunities of .
  • Fixed the immunities of .
  • Fixed the immunities of , .
  • Fixed the immunities of .
  • Fixed the immunities of .
  • Fixed some aggro ranges in Shadow Labyrinth.
  • Fixed some aggro ranges in Steamvault.
  • Fixed a possible crash in !
  • You can now rescue the goblins faster in ! Go, go!
  • Reduced respawn timer.
  • Gave a home point as he was roaming the whole Netherstorm.
  • Fixed not able to receive his delivery.
  • Reduced the respawn time some lockpicking chests.
  • Fixed an experience abuse Winterspring.
  • Removed Ethereum Jailors, Nullifiers and Avengers until the appropriate patch.
  • Added Ethereum Jailors, Nullifiers and Avengers AI.
  • Added a .
  • Repositioned some .
  • Minor changes to .
  • Minor changes to .
  • Fixed 's attack speed.
  • Implemented AI.
  • Fixed 's depawn timer.
  • Fixed
  • Fixed a crash happening with in the Black Temple attunement quest line.
  • Reduced the restore timer of .
  • Fixed 's spawns, waypoints script and pools.
  • Fixed 's script.
  • Fixed ' script.
  • Fixed ' script.
  • Fixed ' script and hitpoints.
  • Reduced the experience points given by Netherstorm and make them 's faithful companions.
  • Gave a steroid shot to Outland guards.
  • Disabled Honor Hold's Infernal Rain event for now.
  • The following formulas have been re-added:
  • Repositioned an .
  • Fixed not despawning.
What's next?
  • More stability work.
  • More antibot & goldseller tooling.
  • Continuous quests & dungeons fixes.
  • Improving creature movement.
  • Fixing issues with general channels.

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