Tuesday, 28 January 2020
  • Implemented major optimization changes.
  • Reworked loot templates for creatures in Outland.
  • Fixed creatures being too eager to assist their friends in some cases (e.g. ).
  • Fixed cases of creatures not using their running animation while chasing.
  • Fixed some class trainers missing certain abilities.
  • Fixed not affecting .
  • Fixed being incorrectly removed by the application of .
  • Fixed downranking penalty for .
  • Fixed transferred direct damage incorrectly causing casting time pushback through .
  • Fixed proc chance.
World and quests
  • Fixed a lot of creatures not being pooled in Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isles.
  • Added missing patrols, creature scripts and spawns in Hellfire Peninsula.
  • Fixed quest credit for .
  • Fixed quest order for .
  • Fixed all of the Manaforge related quests.
  • Fixed events.
  • Fixed .
  • Added missing patrols, creature scripts and spawns in Zangarmarsh.
  • Fixed .
  • Fixed .
  • Fixed events.
  • Fixed .
  • Fixed quest order for .
  • Fixed quest requirements for .
  • Fixed not respawning ever again during .
  • Added missing patrols and spawns in Nagrand.
Dungeons and Raids
  • Fixed missed pack linking in Auchindoun dungeons.
  • Fixed timers during encounter.
  • Fixed timers during encounter and changed the spawn radius of adds during flight phase.
  • Fixed 's not dealing damage on dispel.
  • Fixed and not waiting for their charge movement to end to cast their respective spells.

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