Saturday, 18 January 2020
  • Restored Diminishing Returns for creature spells.
  • Fixed issues with repeatable quests and quest chaining.
  • Fixed cases where pet cooldowns would not be reset when summoning a new pet (only in arenas).
  • is now unaffected by talents like .
  • Fixed issues related to auto-attack getting stuck in some cases.
  • Fixed cases where pets' stay position would be incorrectly saved resulting in them running away to the Twisting Nether.
  • Fixed being incorrectly removed after using immunity effects.
  • Added to Alliance Paladins and to Horde Paladins. Those spells will be automatically learned when reaching lvl 64 and appear in the "General" spell book tab.
  • Fixed not refreshing judgements of other players on the target.
  • Fixed not being able to trigger weapon procs.
  • Fixed not reducing the spell cost based on the base cost of the spells instead of their reduced mana cost.
  • Fixed wrongly checking if the Paladin had the blessing active instead of the target.
  • Fixed wrongly giving a healing power bonus instead of flat heal.
  • Fixed .
  • Fixed snapshotting mechanic for final tick.
  • Fixed adding flat heal instead of healing bonus for .
  • Fixed attack power coefficient.
  • Fixed resilience not being applied to and .
  • Fixed not dealing damage on dispel.
  • Fixed players able to deplete by spam clicking.
  • Fixed not regenerating mana through line of sight.
  • Fixed procing on spells besides shocks.
  • Fixed multiple ranks of incorrectly stacking.
  • Improved behavior under water.
  • Fixed missing formations in Shadow Labyrinth.
  • Added missing formations in Hellfire dungeons.
  • Added anti-abuse prevention.
  • Fixed missing linking and patrols in the Botanica.
  • Fixed mushrooms not being despawned after 's encounter.
  • Fixed missing formations in The Mechanar.
  • Fixed not despawning summons on evade.
  • Corrected spells for all of the trash.
  • Fixed not charging in some cases and not resetting threat when entering phase three.
  • Improved portal beams.
  • Fixed guests not aiding him with their abilities during the encounter.
  • Fixed issues with .
  • Fixed proc.
  • Fixed being invisible.
  • Fixed trash linking in the Ball Room.
  • Added correct disengage boundaries for .
  • Fixed not engaging the raid immediately after landing for the first time.
  • Increased the chance on 's .
World and Quests
  • Fixed missing Hellfire Peninsula patrols and creature abilities.
  • Fixed guard behavior in Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh.
  • Fixed experience modifiers for a lot of guard creatures in the world.
  • Fixed .
  • Added missing quest starter data for .
  • Fixed .
  • Fixed quest order for .
  • Fixed .
  • Removed left over custom RP event Hyjal spawns.
  • Removed double spawns in Dun Morogh.
  • Fixed issues with .

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