Wrath PTR

The first phase of testing is upon us!
The PTR goes live today at 16:00 CET.

Once you're on the PTR, talk to the Camp Manager to select a pre-made gear and talent set.
You'll also be able to swap out gear pieces by using the vendors around the camp.
To help with testing, the area surrounding the camp follows duel zone rules and has training dummies spread all around.
We'd like your help in identifying and describing issues with the game you find on the PTR.
We'd appreciate if players could report these issues on our bug tracker at: bugtracker.endless.gg.
Please make sure to include as much detail as possible when submitting a report, as it greatly helps the development team get to the bottom of the issue.
In order to connect to the PTR you'll need a 3.3.5 WoW client, an Endless account and your realmlist set to
"set realmlist logon.endless.gg"

See you there!