Wrath development update

Today we're going to bring you up to speed on our Wrath realm development progress!

First phase of testing

In the first phase of public testing, we're going to focus on class mechanics with the PTR run in a tournament realm format.
This approach allows us to ensure spells, movement, and other major systems are working as expected before moving on to the next phase.
After consulting experienced Wrath players we've chosen to go with the 258 item level gear for this phase of testing,
but we're ready to make adjustments if necessary.

Trying out new features

We're also using this opportunity to experiment with features that are new to our realms
such as Solo Queue and a different approach to arena teams.
Initially, 3v3 Solo Queue will be restricted to Ranged/Melee/Healer compositions and you'll only be matched with
and against other Solo Queue players.
We're looking to conclude this phase of testing with an arena tournament if we gather enough interest.
The PTR will go live on the 26th of April at 16:00 GMT.

Development process

Lastly, we'd like to give some insight into our development process.
When developing Wrath we're building on the foundations of our TBC core.
This means that all the work we've put into our TBC realms will carry over to our Wrath realms.
You can follow the development progress in more detail on our changelog page.

PTR: details

The first phase of testing is upon us!
We'd like your help in identifying and describing issues with the game you find on the PTR.
We'd appreciate if players could report these issues on our bugtracker at bugtracker.endless.gg.
Please make sure to include as much detail as possible when submitting a report, as it greatly helps the development team get to the bottom of the issue.
In order to connect to the PTR you'll need a 3.3.5 WoW client, an Endless account and your realmlist set to "set realmlist logon.endless.gg"

See you there!