Rollback #2, arena tournament, XP boost and more!

We're happy to share another compilation of events that happened on the server. We'd like to thank those who submitted clips and hope you'll enjoy it!

Experience boost

Starting today we're going to be offering an experience boost service. You'll be able to jump right into the action even faster with an x8 experience increase. The boost comes in two variants, 3 and 7 days and can be found on the Services page.

Arena tournament

As we've mentioned before we're also working on hosting our first 3v3 arena tournament. We're set on the prizepool (1500$) but still need to work out more details and invite PvP enthusiasts to share their ideas with us. If you're interested in participating, discussing or just hanging out with other arena players head on to the Tournament Discord Server.


You'll also be able to find answers to some questions we've received over the last weeks below.

Are more nerfs to T5 content coming any time soon?

Yes, in the near future you'll see nerfs to Lady Vashj and perhaps a few more bosses. We're watching the situation closely and are ready to take action where it's necessary.

Will I be able to buy Season 1 gear for honor points when Season 2 starts?

Yes, you'll be able to buy Season 1 gear excluding weapons. Season 1 weapons will still only be obtainable through arena points but the rating requirement will be removed.

Will there be a last arena flush before S1 ends on Sunday (17th of May at 00:00 server time)?

Yes, we'll conduct a bonus flush to end S1 on Saturday (16th of May) night at 23:30 server time, right before season ends.

With the new season arena points are wiped, honor is kept, what about BG marks?

Battleground marks of honor will not be wiped when S2 starts.

Is the stream tab going to get some love?

Yes, the stream page is actively worked on and we'll be ready to release it soon.