After launch update

We're finally here! Despite the delay at the start you have managed to exceed our expectations and turn up in huge amounts. We hope that you enjoyed progressing through the early level zones half as much as we enjoyed seeing it, because we had a blast!

Okay, but what's next?

First off, we'd like you to know that we hear your concerns about faction balance loud and clear. The Alliance is the dominating faction right now, with about 66% of the playerbase choosing that side. The reason why we're not taking action immediately is because there are a lot of new players coming in and the Horde population is still growing. We appreciate the uniqueness of the situation we're in as this is something never seen before on any other TBC realm. We'd also like to reassure you that we have solutions prepared if it becomes a problem and we're ready to pull the trigger.

We realize that some of you may be experiencing issues in game and our Support staff is there to assist you day and night. The developer team is also working tirelessly at squashing bugs and improving the overall quality. The game server itself is performing very well providing a smooth, lag-free experience. The stability is reaching 7 hours now just 2 days after the launch. Soon you'll also be able to find the missing Misdirection and not have to face the grueling task of defeating two Chrono Lord Deja at once!
The graphs below display the population at launch and the game server update time, something we're proud of:

The T4 release and arena season start are going to be postponed until Sunday (8th March, 6PM server time). We're still making sure all of the players are able to log on to the server and are working on further improving the stability. Releasing content is something we take very seriously and we want to ensure that there are no disturbances when players will be progressing in Karazhan and competing in the arenas.

On a last note, our anti-cheat is very efficient at catching cheaters with over 200 cheaters banned since launch.
You'll hear more from us soon, until then — see you in Outland!