Endless-specific changes

This page lists every mechanic that's different on Endless from known retail behavior.
All of the changes listed here are live to try out on the PTR.

None of the changes listed below are final, we're continuously working on improving the game based on observations and feedback from players.
Our primary goal is improving the quality and depth of the game.

General changes

  • Various faction balance changes are in effect.
  • Incompressible 1% spell resist chance removed (hit caps are unaffected).
  • You can always replace your own spells regardless of the "more powerful spell" rules.
  • Reduced class trainer prices by 75%.
  • Unit hit points are shown instead of %.
  • Melee leeway and AoE spell are reduced to 2y (down from 2.66).
  • Spell leeway is set to 10% of the spell distance but never longer than 3 yards. [?]
  • Channeled spells leeway is set to 10% of the spell range but never longer than 3 yards. [?]
  • Escape Artist is unaffected by talents like Subtlety. (Faction balance change)
  • Boats and zeppelins are populated by (non combat) npcs.

Class changes


PvE related changes

  • Removed heartbeat resist.

PvP related changes

  • Combat timer set to static 6 seconds.
  • Diminishing Returns timer set to static 18 seconds.
  • More consistent CC break rules.
  • Players inside arena will not be shown in the /who list. Their location before entering arena will be shown instead.
  • Added a "Ready check system" in arena that lets the game start sooner if all players "tag" as ready.
  • No hitting through pillars.
  • All character races have the same hitbox sizes.
  • Spells for which part of the effects have been resisted will now show a "resist" message. [?]