Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Wrath PTR Day 2 (27.04)
  • Fixed issues with slow effects incorrectly persisting in some cases or not being reapplied when the immunity effect ends (e.g. Dispersion , , etc).
  • Fixed an issue with enchanter NPC not being able to apply certain enchants.
  • Fixed some packets about DK's runes being sent unnecessarily.
  • Fixed not being able to use party chat in Solo Queue.
  • Changed Deserter rules in Solo Queue - players can now leave Solo Queue without receiving Deserter if their team member died or left before them.
  • Fixed not being interruptible and not causing a school lockout.
  • Fixed treants being always summoned next to the Druid.
  • Fixed treants not being able to daze with talent.
  • Fixed Owlkin Frenzy being incorrectly removed on going out of .
Death Knight
  • Fixed not dealing damage on special abilities before max stack amount is reached.
  • Fixed talent first effect not working in most cases.
  • Fixed Shaman's Shield stacking rules.
  • Fixed Warriors not being able to generate rage when hitting targets with an absorb effect or when they themselves absorb damage.
  • Fixed Warrior's not being removed on Shield unequip and its interaction with Dismantle ( remains in that case).

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