Wednesday, 8 January 2020
  • Increased range of AoE spells when fighting creatures with large combat reaches (e.g. ).
  • Added spell leeway for spells with an already started cast time targeting a player moving out of range (10% of spell range up to 3 yards).
  • Fixed taunt effects not changing the target of a creature when it's casting a spell.
  • Players under CC effects will now never be able to swap weapons (previously possible in some cases).
  • Fixed players being immortal in duels when exactly on 1 hp.
  • Improved visuals of creatures with Dual Wield
  • Fixed creatures not stopping their waypoint in some cases when they engage.
  • Fixed players not being able to mount on with a transform spell.
  • Fixed instance clear systems sometimes failing to fetch the best results.
  • Pets summoned while a player is falling from the air will always be summoned on the ground now.
  • Fixed outdoor PvP objectives ticking down too slow on their controlled timers.
  • Added missing visual explosion.
  • Fixed pet cooldowns sometimes failing to reset when summoning a new pet.
  • Fixed 's incorrectly persisting through death.
  • Fixed stacking visually for different casters.
  • Fixed failing to redirect spells such as when the Warrior was in combat.
  • Fixed pets in aggressive stance ignoring .
  • Fixed the handling of — the mana is now regenerated by a hidden passive buff every five seconds.
  • Fixed incorrectly reducing damage done by abilities (such as ).
Dungeons and Raids
  • Corrected abilities and timers for trash mobs in Karazhan.
  • Fixed extra loot being incorrectly dropped by .
  • Fixed not evading when pulled out of his room.
  • Fixed missing patrols and formations in Blackrock Depths.
  • Fixed missed linking in The Mechanar.
  • Fixed distillers wrongly regenerating health during encounter.
  • Fixed used by in Karazhan.
  • Fixed used by in Karazhan.
  • Fixed sometimes not being in the mood to cast .
  • Fixed not evading when trying to pull her out of her room.
  • will now always correctly remove left over from the previous attempt.
  • Fixed 's incorrectly taking fire resistance into account.
World and Quests
  • Fixed quest events.
  • Corrected 's path during his escort
  • Corrections to events.
  • Added few missing scripts for .
  • Fixes to .
  • Fixed .
  • Fixed not crediting players for .
  • Fixed and not being mutually exclusive.
  • Fixed behavior during .
  • Fixed .
  • Fixed quest .
  • Fixed quest .
  • Fixed patrols in Desolace.
  • Fixed quest .
  • Fixed teleports during .
  • Fixed quest .
  • Fixed cannon fight events during .
  • Fixed quest ending events.
  • Fixed patrol and quest.
  • Fixed quest ending events.
  • Fixed some creatures in Stranglethorn Vale not using their correct abilities.
  • Fixed escort path.
  • Fixed events.
  • Fixed behavior during .
  • Fixed trial quests.
  • Added missing quests to and .
  • Fixed combat behavior and voicelines.
  • Fixed quest order for .

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