Endless is a project focused on providing the most complete Burning Crusade experience.

Our team consists of seasoned developers who come from many different backgrounds but unite under a common goal — provide an enjoyable and challenging adventure while sticking to the core concepts of the game we love. Together with veteran players we are building on the foundations of TBC. We would also like to invite you, the community, to discuss and comment — we are always eager to hear and learn from your opinions.

Gameplay is our biggest priority and, as such, we are considering every aspect.
One of the many important parts is leveling and we have opted to speed it up. Max level content is the focal point of the expansion and we want to guarantee that every player has an opportunity to experience the end game.

While providing a smooth journey through the Burning Crusade we are making sure that integrity is preserved. We have taken steps to combat bots, cheaters and gold sellers. We value the time players spend advancing their characters and want to ensure that there are no ways of jumping the line when it comes to relevant in-game goods. There will be no pay-to-win store but there will be other ways of supporting the project.

What are the realm specifications?

The realm, Sunstrider, will be a progressive PVP type realm hosted in Europe.
Reaching level 70 should take roughly 35-40 hours of played time. [?]

How do you plan on addressing faction balance issues?

Due to the nature of the game, faction balance issues seem as a natural occurrence in TBC. We are looking into some ways that are not going to cause more problems than they solve. As of now we think we have nailed the root cause and effect and will happily propose our solution once we are sure it is the best one. Stay tuned!

What do you mean by "building on the foundations of TBC"?

Many years have passed since the game was released and with that came a lot of evolution in the way it is played. As a result of that, the original elements sometimes do not hold up well when stacked against all that knowledge built over time.

We are looking to address those issues by examining and carefully tweaking on a case to case basis. Dungeons and raid instances will be revisited in order to make them more engaging, without altering their nature you are familiar with.
We also hope that some of our ideas will bring PvP back to its former glory.

What's the development process like?

Endless was formed about 16 months ago by a handful of talented people. Together we proceed with the development of our in-house core, which has been continuously developed since around 2015 and is now reaching a desirable level of maturity. [?]
We are also building a lot of features around the game that will hopefully make the experience worth the wait, such as an interactive armory, guild panels and more secret features.

More recently we have reached a point where we are comfortable enough to talk about it and let the community know what we are up to. We consider this a long term project and adopted a player-focused development process which will allow us to continue making the best decisions with regards to where we spend our time.

Is there an official content timeline yet?

The timeline is going to be released in an upcoming announcement. It will be very close to the retail one.

When will the official beta start and how long will it last?

It will launch after the initial playtests are done and the overall level of quality is satisfactory. We want to avoid empty promises so we are not sure about the exact date but it is not further than one to two months away. Ideally the phase does not last longer than three weeks as we want to only focus on stability and minor in-game issues during that period.

What happens next?

We'll continue working on getting the remaining pieces together before we launch the open beta. News and changelogs along with other development updates will be continuously posted on our website. We also invite you to join the discussions on Reddit or our community Discord.

Can I participate in some way?

Yes! Once the open beta launches you will be able to actively participate and contribute through playing the game and reporting any issues you may find. You can also start today by spreading the word about the server and link to this page.

If you are a developer with C++ or SQL experience interested in joining the project, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected].

Stay in touch with the project and the community on: